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We are dedicated to giving time and excellence to each case. Experience has shown us that all cases are as individual as you, so there is very little ‘one size fits all’ in this game. Our loyalty is with you, with no ties to any particular lender.

We work with property investors throughout their journey, from clients starting on their first project through to experienced landlords.  We are able to take a creative approach where it is needed to help you achieve your goal.

Over the years we have built up a reputation of getting the job done, and not always with the easier cases.  We are a small team, and each and every case is important to us so you can be sure that we will give you our full attention.

This is why we tailor the case to your individual requirements, and work with you from your initial enquiry through to the day it completes.

We have a strong commitment to communication.  To get a case across the line, it requires effective communication with all stakeholders – lenders, surveyors, solicitors – we always keep the momentum going right until the end.

The commercial area of finance is broad, from residential investment, both long term and short term; fully commercial or semi-commercial properties and development projects. It is vital that our expertise covers all these areas, so we can continue to work with you as you grow and move into different areas.

Bridging & short term finance

Bridging finance is traditionally a short term loan that provides fast access to funding when it is needed for a quick sale or where a property needs improvement or reconfiguration.

Refurbishment bridging loans

We work with Lenders who can fund both the purchase of a property and refurbishment projects. This can help cashflow if costs are high and you don’t have all the money available.

Commercial investment

Looking at a ground up project or converting existing properties? We can help. We work with a number of specialist development lenders & will match you with the perfect lender for your project.

Residential investment

From simple single lets to more complex properties and portfolios, we have the experience to handle all scenarios and are not afraid of challenging cases. We will research and source the most suitable product for the property in question.

Our Team

Over the years we have built up a reputation of getting the job done, and not always with the easier cases.  We are a small team, and each and every case is important to us so you can be sure that we will give you our full attention.

Jackie is the Founder and Director of Baya financial, having previously jointly owned Hive Financial. In April 2018 she decided to go it alone, and set up Baya financial. She has been in finance since 1981.  She has always loved this industry, but particularly the investor side… it gives a different dynamic to the area of money lending. She loves our investor’s stories, as that really focusses on the ‘prize’, which can too often be lost along the way. She is well known for an unfiltered approach, thereby offering a route of least resistance for our more challenging cases. When she isn’t working, Jackie splits her time between Streetly, West Midlands and St Albans. She has a grown up son, and is finally able to enjoy some guilt free holidays. Jackie is a sports enthusiast – A master scuba diver and is currently learning to play golf.

Jackie Houguez-Simmons CeMap

Founder & Director

Ellie has been working for Baya financial as New Business Manager since the company was set up in April 2018. She has been in the mortgage industry since 2005. Her career started as a mortgage advisor at a broker, moving to Northern Rock and Virgin Money where she was a bank manager for 6 years.  Her main focus at Baya is helping clients find solutions that work for scenario, looking at everything from single let BTLs to more complicated refurbishment bridges, HMOs and commercial property. She enjoys building relationships with her clients, partly through attending Watford PIN each month as the preferred mortgage broker partner. When she’s not on the phone to clients, she spends her time with her 2 children. Her daughter plays football for the team Baya financial sponsors. She is an avid runner and gym goer, as well as the office baker!

Ellie Broadhurst CeMap

New Business Manager

I have years of customer support, sales and operations experience and all these jobs have taught me two important things; that is to be passionate and be patient. Be Passionate enough not to let external and internal distractions get in the way of you reaching your goals. Have the patience to know that what you put in will eventually grow, although sometimes it takes time.

Enjoy the ploughing- life is beautiful.

I work hard but also play hard; enjoying mountain climbing, cycling and giving back time to my community. My favourite foods are ice cream and pizza.

Terry Buenaventura

Operations Executive

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