Baya financial specialise in residential investment properties of all types, from simple ‘single lets’ and HMOs to more complex properties and portfolios.

We have the experience to handle all scenarios and are not afraid of challenging cases. We will research and source the most suitable product for the property in question.  We are a whole of market broker within the specialist sector.

It is important to look at each case to maximize its potential – we are able to do this as we understand how each lender assesses an individual proposition. In doing so, we look to ensure your return on capital is maximized. This is particularly relevant where you have an HMO or block of flats where different lenders will assess the proposal in different ways.

We work closely with professional landlords, whether they are starting out on their property journey or are established portfolio owners (and everything in between).  We understand your priorities and challenges.

Where Baya financial come into our own is when you need us to be flexible and proactive. For example:

  • Where you don’t meet typical minimum income requirements
  • Tenant types: longer or shorter tenancies, corporate or company let’s etc
  • Portfolio landlords
  • More complicated company structures
  • Deposits coming from non standard sources
  • Foreign Nationals and Ex-Pats

Refurbishments and conversions to HMOs

This is an expanding and popular area, as it has the potential to offer both high yields and potential for capital gain.

We can help with all types of refurbishment, from a ‘tidy-up’ to change of use and structural improvements.

It is vital that you fully disclose exactly what you want to achieve both from the purchase and refinance. We can, then, tailor the products to you and your goals.

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