I keep saying this – but I can’t believe it is Friday again!!

I am starting to venture out and its taking some getting used to… We had one night out for a very belated November birthday this week and I’ve needed a good few days to recover!

We are now at the stage when the last cases will get through for the higher SDLT discounts ending 30th June. 

For the £250k and under purchase prices, there are still a few months to go – but be wary, the conveyancing side is starting to bubble over. We are being asked by clients for solicitors details to take on cases when their own are simply too busy to help.

What’s the best way forward if you get a good opportunity?

I would suggest, if it’s available, going dual representative. This is where the solicitor acts for both the lender and yourself.  I wouldn’t be holding your breath for a speedy completion, but it may knock off a good few days/weeks, which could be vital.

It is also important that you make sure you have a solicitor in the bag BEFORE considering an auction timescale case.

I have recently exchanged on a Manchester property. I has all been a bit quick after a year with an option.  With the planning application taking so long, together with a change of tack due to a Housing Association now wanting the plot, things have not been straightforward.  Planning has had to be resubmitted due to the changes so its now going to take even longer!  When we were ready to proceed, the original solicitor simply couldn’t take the case for completion on the 18th June. That has caused a real headache.  Thankfully my go to solicitor (Phillip Adam) took the case after I begged him! Honestly it was a really kind deed, as I know he is as busy as anyone.

So why have I changed direction with my portfolio?

The reason for going for this property and plot was to expand my portfolio. I have had vanilla buy to lets for some considerable years and although they are lovely and safe, I wanted take a bit more risk to get the higher potential rewards.  I am selling one of my flats as the return on Manchester site is worth the cost of selling the flat.

It’s interesting that your pension pot doesn’t tend to go on the radar… until you realise that your years left to fill it suddenly get very short.  Having had a financially difficult divorce in my 40s, time was short if I wanted the option to retire at a reasonable age.  I try to keep a split between earnings, pension (very tax efficient to put money in from a company) and properties.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you give yourself time to recover 😊

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