Good morning all, I hope you’ve had a good week.  This week I’m going to talk about the benefits of a broker who wants to build a relationship with their clients.  We differentiate ourselves by doing things a bit differently to most mortgage brokers, and this is how.

We are not a headline broker!

I have always said to our clients that we never try and lull them in with amazing but unachievable rates.  We want you to come back again and again, so doing the right thing is key.  When we quote a client on day one, we will do all we can to ensure that we deliver on that quote.  Things can change, and obviously the valuation can change things but in the majority of cases this is what we complete on.

The rate is also not the most important factor in choosing a lender and a broker.  We are conscious of the route of least resistance, that trying to fit a square peg in a round hole is extremely time consuming and probably won’t end well!  We have worked with our lenders for long enough to know that sometimes even when they say they offer something it generally doesn’t happen.  For example; we have a lender who says they lend to ex-pats, but in reality they make it so tricky its just not worth it.

We don’t like to over commit and under deliver.  We run our business on returning clients and recommendations and want you to love the service we provide.  We will spend time talking through deals and we have plenty of experience handling unusual cases; so whatever curve balls are thrown our way we can usually deal with them!  You will benefit from the relationships we have with our lenders, and their trust in us.  Recently we have managed to complete on a few cases without the exact information the lender required, challenged where we can to achieve something that others just wouldn’t be able to – or take the time to do.

We are transparent with you – if anything changes, we will let you know straight away

This is really important at the moment, as lenders are changing criteria like the wind.  There has been a number of examples recently where we have changed lenders after we have submitted a case as things have changed.  We want you to have all the options available to you, and we don’t want you to be disadvantaged due to COVID, or anything else which is outside of your control.  This gain can be time consuming but we will always put in that time to ensure you have the outcome you need.

We will not step off the accelerator until solicitors have completed

There are some brokers out there that will get to formal offer and stop chasing.  They just don’t have the time or resources to be able to keep speaking to solicitors; trust us, it can be very time consuming. But Baya will chase to the end and we know that this can be the most frustrating part of the transaction, so we are there ready to fight on your behalf!  We know that time is money, and delays on your purchase or refinance can have cost consequences.

Baya financial is a safe pair of hands.

Enjoy your weekend.


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