Hi everyone, on what is possibly the hottest day of the year.  I have full respect for all those people working all day with masks on.

I thought I should blog this week on how fantastic some of our lenders have been recently.  With the furlough schemes coming to an end, there have been quite a few pinch points in the conveyance process, due to what I call ‘musical chairs’ – really a continual swapping of staff either through furlough or holidays.  What is wonderful is the patience shown In these instances. As a hand holding type of brokerage, we value our calls with lenders.  With all the changes in criteria and risk appetite, it really does require patience to manage all stakeholders in the process.

The 3 lenders I am going to highlight today are:

Fleet Mortgages…

Although they are the vanilla end of specialist and work through a portal system, they have been amazing.  I can honestly say that their communication and seamless transition on a case between different underwriters  is unbelievable.  They really have removed the stress from our cases, which at the moment is worth it’s weight in gold.  They are effective communicators and have such a kind manner. And they always pick up the phone to save a long email conversation.  This week we have had a mortgage offer in under 3 hours from final satisfaction of evidence, in a world when everything appears far slower than ‘normal’.  Thank you Fleet!


As most of you may know, these guys only launched at the end of February 2020.  We work with a lot of Northern investors, particularly in the HMO and conversion area, and Lendwell have a straight arrow approach of the least resistance . They are such a refreshing lender, who deliver on their terms and do a lot of work upfront to ensure we are able to do the same to our clients.  It doesn’t feel like we are in this weird world when working on cases with them.  High five Lendwell!


Well these are the anchor for us at the moment.  They have kept as bullish in this climate as they can, but it genuinely feels like they want to be back to pre-COVID as soon as possible.  I appreciate that for a larger lender, this can be very difficult.  Their ease of having an instant, professional out of office service is incredible.  We have a great BDM in Lee Williams, who is tireless in keeping us up to date, without offering hollow guarantees.  It feels like they really want to get the business over the line, adjusting processes, if necessary. Thumbs up Shawbrook!

It is at times like these, that loyalty and keeping to the original terms are so important.  The market is pretty buoyant, but all of these lenders have helped lower the stress levels at a time when all our anxiety tables are higher than usual. It all goes to show that although low headline rates are great, delivering on service is what really counts right now.

Stay safe, stay sane and have a good weekend

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